Livestream FAQ

For questions about merchandise, go here. 
Note: Livestream Chat Support is available M-F from 9-5PM Central, as well as two hours before the event! 

1. I've purchased tickets to the livestream.  How do I watch it?
If you did NOT create an account, no problem! Do so HERE with the email address you purchased with and received confirmation emails to. 
-The livestream takes place on Sept 18th, at 9PM Eastern! In order to access the live stream page you will need to be signed into your account you created when checking out. Once you login to your account on your computer or phone, our site will know if you purchased tickets and you will be able to see the stream at this page (which will be live on the day of the show)! 

The show will be live on the same page for replay until end of day October 2nd!

2. Can I buy tickets for my friends?
Of course! Once you have bought an additional ticket, use the support chat in the bottom right window or email with their email address and your order number and an account will be set up for your friend! 

3. Can I watch the live stream on my TV? What about my phone? 

-Yes, The player is HTML5, so as long as your phone supports HTML5 video viewing you can definitely use your phone!

For TVs - Cast/Airplay are the best options. Some TV or device browsers cannot load video in this format. Specific requirements are available here

4. I have another question!
No problem, email Livestream Support or click the chat button in the bottom right corner!